Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Scooter Tag

I had a great time on the scooter today. It's the day before Thanksgiving and the weather was sunny with a high near 70. In other words perfect riding weather. I find riding the scooter to be so therapeutic. Some of the folks on say that because you have to focus so much on riding, that you leave your worries, etc behind. I don't rally have any worries right now, but I still agree with that philosophy. I decided, for no particular reason, to take the Buddy 150.

So today, I was playing some scooter tag. I have seen several versions of it around on various scooter sites. It goes by different names as well. On our board, we have several game threads going on at any one time. Currently there are five. So if you go to and find the "tag" section in the forum, you should go to the most recent post. When you get there, you'll find a picture of someone's scooter, at a specific location here in Tucson. Your job is to ride there, snap a pic of your scoot at the same location, then return home and post it on the forum.

If you are the first person to find and post that location, then you are in charge of the next tag. Ride somewhere, take a pic, ride home and post it. That is now the location for everyone else to find. There are some general guidelines and I included boundaries, so people wouldn't drive 100 miles from town for a tag. The purpose of the rules is to keep the game alive and keep people out on their scooters. I tell everyone to use locations that people can find, after all if no one finds your tag, then the game dies. We try to add hints to our pics if they aren't found in a few days as well. I am including some recent tag photos in this post.
As of this morning, one of the five tags was mine. I was off, the weather was fantastic, so I decided to try and claim the remaining four tags. I looked at the photos and wrote out where I thought they were on a sheet of paper and planned a tentative route that would get me to those locations in a somewhat logical order. Also, I had to be on the lookout for new tags of my own, to replace those that I found and tagged.
My journey took me from the west side of town to north central, to west to southeast. I managed to find all four tags and find four new locations to use as new tags as well. I travelled about 100 miles and it took me about 5 hours total. Included in that time was stop at work to see what Friday's paycheck would be. Of course, that resulted in a 30-45 minute visit with my co-workers.

Also included was a visit to Scoot Over, my local scooter shop. I like to hang out there sometimes. In this case. I had ordered some pieces to repair my helmet and they were in, so I picked them up and installed them. I also took a test ride on the new KYMCO Venox 250cc motorcycle. I will be posting my thoughts of the Venox on Come by and check it out.

It turned out to be a beautiful, relaxing day. I love my scooters.

Ride on,


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